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What is a StartUp Website ?

A fully functioning Joomla website loaded onto your content, but without content. You have access to your website forever & can login and load your own content easily.

!! Best part - you never have to contact anyone to make changes to your website, you can add your own content !!



Whether you are a freelance photographer, own a store, or have another type of small business, a great website is essential for your company’s success. Today everything is moving online and without a website your business has NO ONLINE presence. You need a website to be seen!

Unfortunately websites are expensive (take in consideration the time a web designer takes to create a website). Not everyone has the immediate funds to buy a full functioning website filled with content. Or your business is small and you want to start with something affordable and not expensive.

A STARTUP WEBSITE is the way to go - a way to kickstart your online presence.


Buy a StartUp Website below

Remember to choose your extra options

You get the following:

- A fully functioning Joomla website* with 5 pages/links already setup on your domain
- Access to the backend of your website so that you can add/remove/change your own content

*Keep in mind, unless ordered, there will be no content added. You upload it yourself)

View a DEMO of the website


Email Us your Info

Domain Details* | Logo | Menu/Page Titles

And if you ordered any of the other options available, then email us the content for those options (e.g. Gallery)

*You have to have your own hosting; there are many companies where you can book a domain. See our list below


We upload a Fully Functioning Joomla website onto your domain with your logo

The website will be empty, but now the fun starts.
You can login to your website and upload your content yourself. We will give you the guidelines on how to login to your website and add / modfiy your content.

This is how it looks at the back of your website where you add your content (text)

joomla backend

You can always add more page/menu links yourself. We just help with the first 5.

Although the website we upload is empty, you have the tools and login details to add your own content forever. 
In essence, you GROW your OWN WEBSITE, we just help you get it started!

A StartUp Website is key to your future success.

 Do you have any questions, please email as We will get back to you as soon as possible.


StartUp Website

Price: R895.00

Choose options below

* Buy a Gallery function for your website?:
* Buy a Homepage Slideshow for your website @ R150:
* Buy an Online Form for your website @ R250:
* Buy a Google SEO Initial Setup for your website @ R550:
* Should we add your content to your pages for a fee:
* Buy links to your Social Media platforms:

Our StartUp Website Package are aimed to help those who need a website online but do not want to spend too much.

To save money some would rather upload there own content - they just need help to StartUp the website.