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Before you can add an image to a page - follow the steps in BASIC GUIDELINES - ADD IMAGES/PDF's TO YOUR SITE in order to upload the image/s to the site.


1. Open your page in CONTENT > ARTICLE MANAGER

2. Highlight the word that should be the link

link highlight

3. Click on the INSERT/EDIT LINK icon

link icon

4. The LINK MANAGER will now open

4.1 To link to an PDF, click on the BROWSE button next to the URL box. This will open the MEDIA MANAGER and you can choose your PDF from here. Click INSERT. The pdf URL will automatically be inserted to the URL box.

4.2 To link to another webpage, type the web address in the URL box - remember to add http:// to the front of the address (e.g.

link manager

* TEXT - The text you highlighted will show here
* TARGET - Choose Open in new Window (so that the link will open in a new tab once clicked on)
* TITLE - The text that will appear once someone moves their mouse over the link
* Leave rest as is

5. Click INSERT