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Before you can add an image to a page - follow the steps in BASIC GUIDELINES - ADD IMAGES/PDF's TO YOUR SITE in order to upload the image/s to the site.


1. Open your page in CONTENT > ARTICLE MANAGER

2. Place your "cursor" where you want the image to appear

insert image cursor

3. Click on the INSERT/EDIT IMAGE icon

insert image icon

4. This will open the IMAGE MANAGER

image manager

4.1 Find your image in the options bottom middle box (this box will showcase your MEDIA MANAGER with all media within it) & click on the image

* The image you have chosen will appear on the bottom right box / A preview of how the image will appear will show in the TOP RIGHT box
* URL - the website will insert the URL of the image you have selected
* ALTERNATE TEXT - This is the text that appears if a visitor moves their mouse over the image
* DIMENSIONS - The website will insert the dimensions of the image you have selected. If you want to make an image smaller, type the smaller size in one of the blocks and JUST CLICK in the other block. The website will proportionally make your image smaller.
* ALIGNMENT - Leave if you want the image to appear on its own. If you want text to flow around the image, choose where the image should appear (e.g. LEFT).
* MARGIN - Type the amount of padding (space) that should appear around the 4 sides of the image
* BORDER - Add a border around the image

4.2 Once you've chosen your image, click INSERT at the bottom