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Each page of content is an "article". In order to change a page's content, you need to open its article.



content article manager

2. The ARTICLE MANAGER page will now appear. This is where all your content / pages is found (HITS - the amount of times the page has been viewed)

content article manager front


3. Find the page you want to modify & click on the title (To ADD a NEW page, click on the green button top left NEW)

4. Once your page has opened, you can modify / add your content

content article

  • TITLE - Type the title of your page
  • ALIAS - Leave (the website will automatically insert the text)
  • ICONS - Use the icons as needed
  • Leave rest as is
  • SAVE - Save the changes & stay on the page
  • SAVE & CLOSE - Save the changes & close the page (you will be taken back to the ARTICLE MANAGER page)
  • SAVE & NEW - Save the changes & open a NEW blank article
  • SAVE & COPY - Save the page as a copy
  • CLOSE - Close the page without saving anything

5. Once you've made your changes - SAVE the page.

** If you view your frontend and the changes does not show, press CTRL+F5 simultaneously. This will reload the website from scratch, as your browser may be showing your content from its cache.