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Dear Jac,

I would like to say how much we have appreciated your services during the last five years.

As an NGO for Depression and Suicide our work is very important and we often need to
work on very tight deadlines.

You have always been very speedy and helpful in getting our work done not only in
time but sometimes at very little notice. The front page and its layout are crucial.

You are always available to help us with queries that are not directly your responsibility,
And always seems to find the answers for us. You are able to turn the most difficult and boring
Information into “ attractive to read”.

Our Website is incredibly busy, a lot of it due to your Commitment. It is publicized and send to all our 22,000 members, as well as all the national press and Magazines with our details in. This year alone we received over R90 Million Rands worth of free press , most of them viewing the Site.

It is a pleasure to work with such a polished , professional and committed Person, we appreciate all you do for SADAG

Yours Sincerely,

Zane Wilson (Ms)






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